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In the 22nd district of Vienna, a residential complex with 213 apartments and 8 shops was built in 2014 featuring 7 components with 4 to 7 above-ground floors. The courtyard is a semi-public area that forms the heart of the complex and is connected to the pedestrian area. Terraces and meadow hills form an organic landscape. They protrude into the middle of the courtyards and enliven them. The active area of the housing estate is a meeting room and youth playground. Wooden objects are distributed freely, forming areas for resting, climbing and lying and use.
The façade is structured by cantilevered prefabricated loggias and balconies, creating a free play in the façade. The façade structure is selectively continued in the floor markings, condensing in the entrance areas; the business zone features street furniture such as benches, lights, wheel stands, stand-up bars and guest gardens. The concrete skeleton allows permanent flexibility of the floor plans; the façade and wooden components were supplied by Weissenseer.

Photographer: Hertha Hurnaus, Projekt: D12 / Berger + Parkkinen & Querkraft

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