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Today’s Tomorrow

The Generational House

“It all started because I wanted to create a building for offices and apartments. Then I came across the concept of a house that adapts to the needs of its residents”, explains the contractor Johannes Rottenhofer. In concrete terms, this means that the individual units of the house can be connected internally and also separated again with little effort. The wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms can be switched and there are separate entrances for each unit if necessary. The aim was to make the room separations fit every life situation.
“First there are two people in the house, then the children arrive and more space is needed. Then the children move out, the parents stay behind and the house is too big again”, explains Rottenhofer. Based on an original idea from Johannes Kislinger, who received an architecture innovation prize in London in 2012, the two jointly developed the “Today’s Tomorrow” concept.
In addition to versatility, the house also offers an energy-efficient solution for the future. The energy demands in this so-called “energy revolution house” are particularly low. And with its own photovoltaic system, the house is almost energy self-sufficient. Even if it does not look like it at first sight, the house is made entirely of wood by Weissenseer.

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