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With a view to our common future, we are developing sustainable solutions for the creation and revitalisation of living spaces. We live for wood and with wood – our energy-efficient buildings and building components use wood as their primary building material. We are driving forward innovations in ecologically oriented wood construction through proactive research so affordable, energy-efficient houses become a reality for everyone.


Always for future generations

As a family business, Weissenseer thinks in terms of generations. Since it’s founding in the 1930s by the grandfather of today’s owner and CEO, Christof Müller, Weissenseer has focused on energy-efficient and ecological construction methods. Experience is passed on and knowledge advanced – that’s the foundation for the innovative wood construction solutions that are now in demand all over the world.


Efficiency and comfort for commercial and private use

Whether it’s family homes, residential and office buildings or industrial buildings – energy efficiency and ecological aspects are a major part of these wood buildings and building components manufactured by Weissenseer at the WCB factory LINK to Subsite. Starting in 2020, a new energy standard for passive houses (nearly zero energy buildings) will be compulsory for all new buildings in Europe. These are requirements that Weissenseer has long fulfilled as a reliable and expert partner for the commercial and private sectors with its innovative wood construction solutions.


The future is shaped by our thoughts and actions

“As a family business, we think in terms of generations – that requires different standards.” Christof Müller, CEO Weissenseer

In its buildings, building shells (intelligent skins) and its own manufacturing facility (WCB Factory), Weissenseer conserves and protects natural resources. Ecologically oriented research and development as well as a conscious and self-assured commitment to environmental and climate protection are important building blocks for this. Weissenseer thinks in terms of larger contexts out of a sense of responsibility for the future and in order to provide later generations with a good foundation for life.



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