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The World Class House

LISI is the winner of the international Solar Decathlon 2013 competition and has been named the best solar house in the world in California. LISI stands for “Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation” and is the home of the future. This interdisciplinary project was developed and implemented by a team of 172 participants consisting of students, professionals and companies. The interplay of modular lightweight construction, environmental materials and renewable energy creates a high-quality, sustainable living space that can be adapted to the different needs of users and locations. LISI provides a healthy, comfortable and enjoyable environment for its residents and also generates enough energy to meet the daily needs of its residents. LISI is made of 96 percent wood. 9 different local types of wood were used in the house. In keeping with the environmentally friendly handling of raw materials, the house is designed so that all the components of the tree are used: solid wood for construction and surfaces, bark as a surface material in the interior, and wood shavings for furniture in the living room.
A central living space, which can be extended entirely into the adjoining courtyards to the north and south, makes LISI unique. The large sliding glass panels in the north and south of the room completely disappear in the adjacent wall when opened. With a comparatively small floor space of 64 square metres, the living area can be expanded to twice the size to the outside.
LISI is a project from the Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with FH Salzburg / Campus Kuchl, FH St.Pölten and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). The management team consists of Karin Stieldorf (project management, Vienna University of Technology), Andreas Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils; LISI was built by Weissenseer.

Useable space: 128 m2

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