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Multifunctional system construction


HOME 21 is a system construction, a multifunctional structure and it is also ambitious social housing.

The 250-apartment project is one of the pilot projects under the City of Vienna’s immediate housing program, which it launched in 2016 to meet the rapidly growing demand for low-cost housing. The projects of the immediate housing program must be planned and constructed much faster than would be the case with conventional residential buildings.
The building will function as a residential building and dormitory over the first 10 years of its life cycle, after which a change of use into a commercial building must be possible – at an economically justifiable expense.

HOME 21 optimally exploits the potential of this system. The floor plans follow a strict, very economic grid, which is adapted to both residential use, as well as commercial re-use. The open room structure (room height 2.82m) can be divided differently. (Trans-City)

Architecture: trans_city ZT GmbH

Daniel Hawelka

Construction: Wood facade made by Weissenseer
Useable space: 13.494 m2

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