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The architects designed the spa facility of the Biohotel Weissenseerhof as a modern stilt construction on larch wood pilots up to a depth of 15 m, with two buildings. In the land area, it is a wooden skeleton construction with a green roof; and in the sea area, a purely timber-frame construction, there is a prefabricated sauna and bath house with a total floor space of 680 m² and wooden terraces of 480 m². The building has a north-south orientation with a view of the hotel grounds and the lake.
The surface and colour concept aims to make the wood in the interior and exterior visible and tangible. That is why the general contractor Weissenseer used larch and spruce from local forests with partly rough-sawn, partly brushed surfaces. Wooden windows and wooden patio doors were combined with a glass façade, and the roofing was done with larch wood shingles.
Designed for year-round operation, the spa has been providing space for 50-55 people since 2013 with areas for rest and relaxation.

Photographer: Barbara Zapfl | www.weissenseerhof.at

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